One of the best days of my life was the day I walked out of my suffocating 9-5 office job.

To back up….for five years prior to my departure, I sat in my cubicle and dreamed about adventure. I saved my money, planned my trip and, did I mention, I saved my money?  As December 2017 approached, between a combination of vacation, comp time and holidays, my one-month adventure was, oh so close, to becoming a reality.  

I had told my boss about my plans a year prior, and made sure my work projects were covered while I was away. My boss asked about my trip. His eyes lit up. He told me his own dream of eventual travels. Then, as he continued to smile, he told me that I couldn’t have a month off from work.

So why couldn’t I go?  He said, “No one takes a month off.”  

To make a long ridiculous story short, I said, “Well, I do. Thanks for your time. I’ll be in my soul-crushing cubicle typing up my resignation.”

As a kid, my family of three never went anywhere on vacation. Well, unless you count our one night in a hotel with a swimming pool… eight miles from home.

When I started working and making money I travelled as much as I could.  I’d been to six continents.  Now, I was about to travel to my 7th and final continent, Antarctica! And, after Antarctica, I would be riding a motorcycle through Chili and Argentina. Travelling along the iconic Ruta 40 and Ruta 7 in the Ande’s Mountains from Osorno, Chile, to Puerto Natales, a life-long dream.

And my employer said “No!”  I don’t think so.

For way too many years, I endured ineffective bureaucracy, unengaged co-workers and a culture where bullies and rude individuals ruled the roost. Two days after my cubicle exodus, I boarded a plane to South America and on to Antarctica. The rest, they say, is history.

Or, New Beginnings! 

When I returned, I felt transformed. I decided there is no job more important than living an authentic heart centered existence and pursuing goals that keep you engaged. So, I started creating i-co globes. 

i-co globes are conceived by a love of maps, travel, adventure and a desire to live a life guided by meaningful human connection and kindness. I hope i-co globes will inspire people to pursue their passions, explore new places and value the importance and significance of person to person connections.

Before I attach the final piece to close each globe, I whisper into it a special message as my way of spreading positivity out into the world. Additionally, when I hear of a person who has given of themselves to make another person’s world a better place, or to promote an action that impacts the world positively, I send them a globe.  I call these globes Gifted Globes of Gratitude for a Greater Good, my own 5G kindness network.

If you have any questions about my work or to discuss creating a special gift for the person who means the world to you, please contact me.

With Kindness


In the Media

Interview on CBC Manitoba's afternoon radio show, Up to Speed with Ismaila Alfa


Antarctica 2017
Ushuaia, Argentina 2017
Ruta 40, Argentina 2017
Iceland 2016
South Africa 2013
New Zealand 2019
Arctic Circle 2021
Yukon 2021
Yukon 2021
Alaska Highway 2021
Dempster Hwy 2021